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Nature's Ultimate Orange Cleaner

The Power To Clean - Organically

Nature’s Ultimate Orange Cleaner has the highest concentration of the single most effective cleaning agent in the world (d'limonene). Simply combine Nature's Ultimate Orange Cleaner with water to formulate effective cleaners for almost any application.

What is D’limonene?

D'limonene is the primary component of the natural oil contained in the rinds and seeds of citrus fruits. When pressing an orange for juice extraction, some orange oil is also expelled. This is commonly called "food grade d'limonene" or simply "orange oil". It contains approximately 90% d'limonene and is noticeable by its distinct orange colour and strong orange fragrance. Once pressed, the rinds are conveyed through a steam extraction unit that causes the rind to expel all remaining orange oil which is then carried off by the steam.

As the steam cools and condenses, the oil is carried to the top where it is separated. This is called "technical grade d'limonene". Technical grade d'limonene is much higher purity (95%-98%), absolutely clear, and contains only a mild fragrance of orange making it much more suitable as a cleaning product.

Natures Ultimate Orange Cleaner is the highest purity technical grade d'limonene available.

D'limonene Chemical Makeup

D'limonene - The Chemical Make-up

How does it work? - Natures Ultimate Orange Cleaner is a terpene based emulsifier. It cleans by surrounding the hydrocarbon based deposits (oil, grease, ink, etc.) and separating the molecules suspending them within it (emulsifying). Within minutes the deposits are broken down and can be easily rinsed off or wiped clean.

Safe - Nature's Ultimate Orange Cleaner contains no toxic or corrosive chemicals and leaves no harsh overpowering fumes. It's the most powerful cleaning product to ever be given a GRAS (“Generally Recognized as Safe”) rating by the EPA and a FOOD SAFE status from the U.S. FDA.

Unlike cold-pressed orange oil which is usually around 90% d'limonene and has an orange tint, pure d'limonene is steam extracted, crystal clear, and of a much higher concentration.

Cleaning Power - Don't be fooled by the size. Most cleaning products contain up to 80% water, Nature's Ultimate Orange Cleaner is 100% active ingredient. When used full strength this cleaner can easily dissolve the heaviest of contaminants including tar and heel marks. Mixed with water it can be diluted to formulate virtually any strength of cleaner including Multipurpose Cleaner, Floor Cleaner and Glass Cleaner.

Natures Ultimate Orange Cleaner is Safe, Economical, and Environmentally Friendly. When used as a straight solvent it can directly replace many dangerous solvents such as mineral spirits; methyl ethyl keytone, acetone, toluene, xylene and most chlorinated solvents costing far more.

WARNING: High concentrations of orange oil may cause discolouration of light colour fabrics if used as a spot remover. For best stain removal use only pure d'limonene.

Mixing Charts and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Mixing Chart - This simple chart will detail the mixing instructions for commonly used applications of Nature’s Ultimate Orange.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - The Material Safety Data Sheet for Nature's Ultimate Orange Cleaner.


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